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My name is Stefania and I deal with experiential tourism and hiking in the territory of the Sicani Mountains.
I lived for a few years outside Sicily and every time I returned home, little by little, I rediscovered the charm and beauty of the places where I was born and grew up.
My path wasn’t exactly linear. I have worked in different professional fields and after a period of job crisis I decided to create a project that would put my passions back in the center.
My story revolves around the word WELCOME.
Over the years my family and I have opened our doors to friends and acquaintances from various parts of Italy and abroad.
Confrontation with different cultures, the love for my land and the wonder in the eyes of these guests in living our daily lives have nourished the awareness and the deep desire to tell the Sican territory and the surprises it reserves to anyone who chooses to explore and experience our style of life.

I bring you to know the excellence of cultural and natural heritage, local crafts, food and wine specialties, rural landscapes and the value of communities that revolves around human relationships.
My goal is to make you live memorable experiences that enrich your heart and mind.
Experiences made of faces, stories, discoveries, encounters, emotions and sharing with our people.
I like to think, that once you return to your lives, in your homes you will take us with you keeping us among the most beautiful memories.
I want to create value, promoting in addition to material treasures those “relational” and intangible that in my opinion represent the added value.
I appeal to travelers who seek connections with the spirit of the place, who love the slow pace, responsible tourism, healthy and genuine flavors and the beauty of meetings.

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